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Septic repairs can be complex and require investigation and diagnosis prior to repair. Herring can handle the diagnosis and repair with a reputation that spans over 40 years.

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"Repairing a septic can be a small or large job. Herring will fix only what you need. We don't pad our paycheck with your septic job." 

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Septic Repair

Septic repairs vary, but Herring Sanitation can handle them all. From simple baffle repair and speed leveler adjustment to entire septic system replacement. We rarely have to replace the entire septic system at one time. The septic tank might go bad while the septic system may last for years to come.

Here are some of the most common issues we find when we diagnose the problem:

If it's your inlet pipe, it could be a clogged pipe, broken pipe, or there could be tree roots growing in your pipes.

If it's your outlet: it could be a collapsed distribution box (d box), sludge in line or broken pipes.

If your system doesn't require a full installation/replacement, it is most likely a broken pipe somewhere in your system. Cast iron pipes can can coagulate and close off, like your arteries, so no liquid can get through.

We use specialized equipement to diagnose the problem: Our men are trained on snakes, cameras, and the old fashioned eye of expertise.

Herring will investigate, diagnose and estimate the problem before we charge you. Free estimates are just the way we do business at Herring. Call us today at 845-226-5405. 

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