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Septic pumping should be on your "To Do" list for regular maintenance. When is the last time you pumped your septic? Call us to schedule it today.

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"Pumping a septic tank is more than throwing a hose in and starting to pump. Herring does it better." 

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Pumping Septic Tanks is our main business. Our office is staffed with employees trained to answer all your questions and to set up Herring septic pumping residential fishkill newburgh poughkeepsieappointments based around your schedule.  We try to give you a 2 hour window for your convenience and try our best to adhere to the times given.  Our Septic Pumping staff is trained to service your tank and make sure you are aware of the condition of your system, your sludge build up and your tank condition.  We realize that this is NOT an area where any homeowner wants to dabble in the ‘do it yourself’ mode.

Our field technicians and pumpers are trained extensively. We have been known to find your tank when other companies spend hours and come up empty. And if we need to send out one of our more experienced employees or even our founder, we will not hesitate to do so. You can count on Herring to get the job done right. We are a local, family owned company and we live here as part of the Hudson Valley community. We stand behind our work, that why we're still going with over 45 years in the Septic business.

What can you expect to make sure we do this right? 

  • Most homeowners expose their own lids but some have us do it.  We do charge for this service and will quote you when you schedule.  We charge by the foot so this cost will not be determined by the digging speed or skill of our service personnel.
  • When we leave your property, your tank will be empty down to a few inches at the bottom.  Leaving your tank full and just removing the solids is not servicing your tank properly.
  • Why do we leave water in your tank when we are done pumping?  The remaining liquid promotes bacteria growth as you go forward, septic pumping residential fishkill newburgh poughkeepsiewhich is what helps break down the solids into sludge.
  • Our service men are trained to MIX up your tank while they pump you out. This mixes the solids and liquids up so they can fit through a 4 inch hose. We pump your tank properly each time, every time. You do NOT want us to drop in the hose and just pump out the water leaving you all the solids at the bottom. This is not how to service a tank properly.
  • Most tanks will be full of liquid again within a week.  You are pumping the tank with the sole purpose of getting the solids out so they do not travel out to your distribution system.  The correct operational level of your septic tank is what most people call full.  This is up to the outlet pipe of the tank so the liquids can flow out to the absorption fields.
  • What is the purpose of your septic tank baffles?  The Inlet Baffle directs all the solids that are coming from your house down to the bottom of the tank.  This is so the bacteria action can start to work on them immediately breaking them down into sludge.  The Outlet Baffle is a very important part of your septic system, its purpose is to stop solids from flowing out to your distribution system where they can clog your fields and cause damage requiring costly repairs or premature replacement.  It is important that they are still affixed to your tank so your system is protected.
  • After two years we will send you out a reminder that it has been two years since your last pump out and that that it’s time to think about your Septic Tank again. 

Call Herring Sanitation at 845-226-5405 if you have any questions about how to properly pump a septic tank. We will explain everything to you when you make your appointment. And don't worry, our field workers do not expect you to stand with them while they work. They know you would much rather be inside away from the smell and sight of your septic tank pumping. If it is not possible for you to be home during the septic pumping, let us know and we can FaceTime with you while pumping. Our grandchildren have taught us a thing or two. ;-)

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