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Emergency Service

Septic Emergencies

septic pipe filled with roots creates septic emergencyIf you think money problems can stress out your marriage, try having a septic problem. It's something you'll never forget for sure...especially if it ends up all over your finished basement.

Not covered by insurance, is lack of maintenance problems. Sometimes though, you can have a broken pipe due a lawnmower being driven over the pipe.

Herring Sanitation can guide you in the process of submitting insurance claims, including providing the details of the problem and repair.


Here are some common calls we get for Emergency Service:

  • Water is flowing back into the home from the toilet or shower and won't stop
  • Water softener just discharged after all the kids took their showers
  • Days after electrical storms, people who have pump stations will find out their pump has been hit by electricity and burned out, causing pump station to fill up and back up which causes the septic tank to back into the house
  • After a large party, kids have flushed things down the toilet they shouldn't have - GI Joe, Matchbox Car, Barbie Doll
  • Water is dripping from the ceiling or coming out of my light fixtures
  • The toilets are gurgling
  • Water is standing in my shower and won't go down
  • The sink won't go down
  • I have a fountain downstairs, my washing machine won't go down
  • I have water on my lawn
  • I have a stream in my lawn that wasn't there yesterday
  • My realtor didn't tell me I had to pump my tank when I moved in but I saw my neighbor getting theirs pumped - I've lived here 15 years, do I need to get it pumped soon?
  • I have a deer head in my yard that wasn't there yesterday! (Deer had fallen into the septic tank)
  • I have a big hole in my yard
  • My relative just died and I'm going to have a lot of company, please come today
  • We're having a party this weekend and I think I better get my septic pumped before everyone arrives

When should I call Herring instead of my Plumber

If you have a septic that hasn't been pumped in the last 18 months and you're having a septic problem, call your septic professional first. Otherwise, you will end up paying twice for the work. This has happened many times to Herring's customers. They don't know who to call and their first thought is to go to a plumber. Your plumber may have snaking equipment, but generally the place to start is at your septic tank...checking the baffle for a clog. Most plumbers don't want to follow the problem to the septic tank.

Roots in Septic Intake Pipe is an Emergency for HerringRoots Fill Septic Pipe is Emergency - Call HerringOverfull Septic is an Emergency - Call HerringCollapsed Septic Tank is an Emergency

Portable Toilet Emergencies

True story - An apartment building main water line broke the day before Thanksgiving. There was no water supply to the ent"</spanire complex - so in addition to all the cooking, boiling and cleaning being done...there was no way to use the toilets. Herring was called to deliver 14 portable toilet units immediately. As luck would have it for Jim and Sharon Herring, they were the only ones in the office when the call came in. Management of the complex was so frantic that the Herrings knew they had to get units out to them immediately. The porta-potty units were brought to the site and placed all around the buildings for access by all residents. Portable sinks and handicapped portable toilet units were also delivered. Talk about feeling appreciated! When the Herrings arrived on the scene, a line of residents rushed out of their homes to use the portable toilets. As it turned out, these apartments were without water from Wednesday night to Monday afternoon, due to the holiday weekend. 

Some other reasons we get called for Portable Toilet Emergencies:

  • Small fires requiring a clean up crew
  • Large fires requiring long-term construction workers on site (Gap Distribution Center)
  • When your kids over invite to a party and you have 60 guests when you were expecting 20
  • A lot of company is coming, and there is concern the aging septic won't handle the load

Grease Trap Emergencies

Grease Trap Leaks Into Crawl Space is an Emergency for HerringTrue Story - Herring got a call to pump a small inside grease trap. When our driver arrived and opened the tank, he found only 3 inches of grease in the small inside grease trap. When Herring inspected the tank, which should have been at operational level, there was a huge hole in the bottom of the tank that led into the basement/crawl space below. It turns out that for an undetermined amount of time (they suspect years), the grease trap has been dumping directly below all the rental units in the building. Herring has never seen so many officials on site, including City Engineers, Board of Health inspectors and officials from various organizations . This was not a normal situation, but it is definite proof that small problems should not be ignored and regular maintenance should not be put off. The only symptom these people had was an odor, because things were flowing. This was a very costly situation that could have been avoided. They have lost a business, face possible condemnation of their building and potential city fines.

Other reasons Herring is called for Grease Trap emergencies:

  • Odor in the dining area, that customers are complaining about
  • Floor drain in the kitchen is clogged and staff is walking in sewage water, splashing it around the pots and pans (don't order the soup)
  • Sink in the kitchen isn't working and food can't be prepped
  • Manhole is overflowing with grease and flooding the parking lot

*Herring's WINTER (JAN-MAR) office hours are listed below. Office hours and service hours are not the same thing.  During non-office hours, we have one of our management team covering our emergency line (845-629-0038) and a qualified field service staff member on call during non-business hours. During normal business hours, we have a fully staffed office to help.

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