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Enzymes Can Extend the Life of Your Frequently Used Septic System. We Recommend Them to Clients when We Know They Will Make a Positive Difference.

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Septic Tanks and Fields

Do I Need Enzymes and Bacteria Additives for My Septic System?

Herring Sanitation suggests using an eco-friendly digestant (additive) for use in septic tanks, grease traps, mounds, cesspools, drainfields, ATU systems, home drains, floor drains, dump sites, lift stations, lagoons, vault toilets, seepage ditches, sewage spills. Our eco-friendly waste and grease digestant helps to digest waste, control odors, keep drains free flowing, keep septic tanks working, keep grease traps working, digest grease and improve percolation. It is non-poisonous, non-toxic and non-caustic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Eco-Friendly Digestant or Additive

1 Do I need enzymes and bacteria additives for my septic system?
Over time waste builds up in your drain lines and septic tank. Herring Sanitation recommends a special blend of bacteria, which helps to reduce this waste. The natural digesting micro-organisms will not harm your plumbing or septic system like chemical drain openers can. Continue to keep the environment safe by using our special blend regularly.

2 What do enzyme and bacteria additives do?
Eco-friendly digestant for waste and grease helps to provide natural aid to normal operation of waste disposal systems, increase the capacity for waste elimination. In addition, they...

Helps to eliminate odors which attract disease bearing insects.

It helps reduce gum and pectin which cause glazing of drain fields and drainage pits.

It helps eliminate soggy soil and surface puddles due to clogging of drain field.

Helps to keep your entire plumbing system working and healthy.

Helps to break down grease.

Improves percolation

3 Why is the product you recommend better than leading brands?
Often times Herring will send servicemen out to pump septic tanks and will observe undissolved remains of a well known product commonly sold at hardware stores. This well-known product is made up primarily of sawdust and fillers which do little to assist with waste breakdown. The product that Herring recommends to its customers is enzyme based with zero fillers. It has been designed specifically for the septic industry and has been tested carefully to ensure that it meets the many needs of septic users, including waste breakdown, hair breakdown and odor reduction.

4 Do I still have to pump my septic if I use enzymes and bacteria additive products?
Absolutely. No product on the market will remove solid waste from your tank. Those that say they do are promising more than they can deliver. Standard septic/leach field system and those require pumping every 2-3 years. Enzyme and bacteria based products help to eliminate grease, odors and keep the tank working well. Nothing will stop the need to pump a septic tank regularly.

5 How hard is it to use this additive?
The product Herring offers comes in 12 neat envelopes the size of a packet of hot chocolate. In residential homes, you put one in a different drain each month and it will keep you flowing.

6 What systems should I use environmentally friendly digestant (or additive) for?
Use for any of the following systems:

  • Any family that uses a high dose of antibiotics, anti bacterial and bleach in their home (regular monthly maintenance)
  • Sluggish septic systems, drains or grease traps system (shock treatment)
  • Septic, cesspool, mound and ATU systems (regular monthly maintenance)
  • Household drains (regular monthly maintenance)
  • Grease traps (at close of business, regular weekly maintenance)
  • Sewage ponds, sewage systems, seepage pits and dumping station (as needed)

7 Can I use the environmentally friendly digestant in federally inspected meat and poultry plants?
Yes. Our environmentally friendly digestant is authorized for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.

Each box contains 12 packets to be used 1x per month for general household maintenance. We recommend the following schedule.

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