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As New York has been Paused and the world watches Cuomo, Herring has been navigating the COVID-19 situation as an essential business. CEO, Sharon Herring, shares their experiences. 

Herring Sanitation Logo  - Herring Septic - Dutchess County - Putnam County - Orange County - Ulster County"Here we go again, another change."   
                                                             - Sharon B. Herring

COVID-19 and Herring Septic a Weekly Series of Business As Unusual

Week 12 - Virus Settles, Unrest Rises

"Remember when our biggest worry was...dying on a gurney alone in a hallway? We’ve come a long way from that. With guidance and direction, we came out of the darkness."

COVID-19 Blog Series Week 12 Final Entry

Week 11 - Opening, Gratitude, Hope

"Herring still continues to be crazy busy. Our solution was to get one of our extra pump trucks back on the road and call in a driver that had worked for us a few years ago."

COVID-19 Blog Series Week 11 Memorial Day Week Phase 1 Opening NY Paused

Week 10 - Confusion, Accidents, Giveaways

"It really feels like we are in a science fiction game show Maze. What we have been doing for the last 10 weeks is finding our way out of this nightmare. Do we really know what we are doing?"

COVID-19 and Herring Septic Blog Series Week10 Maze

Week 9 - Working, Waiting, Sure

"Still working but I’ve noticed their spirit is changing. They are more serious than usual. More sure of themselves in a very careful way. Awaiting the news of what will open (and when)."

COVID-19 Blog Series Herring Sanitation Week 9

Week 8 - Protective, Tired, Cautious

"I’m getting a little tired of adapting, changing and leading our pack. Everyone looks to me for guidance and I’m looking to our government for recommendations and relief. Will there be relief?"

COVID-19 Herring Septic Blog Series Week 8

Week 7 - Compassionate, Grateful, Protected

"Reality of the shut down was clear when we checked the May and June Portable Toilet calendar sheets and compared them to last year. Our income is changing drastically"

COVID-19 Blog Series Herring Sanitation Week 7

Week 6 - Zoom, Accident, Essential

"At this point in time it feels like we have been going through this for months. The folks at Herring remain hard working and cheerful (most days). Our customers seem confused and sad."

COVID-19 blog Series Week 6 Herring Septic

Week 5 - Storms, Foxes, Community

Easter is behind us and we have a somber realization that we are all in this for a much longer period of time than we ever thought...Gov. Cuomo mentioned 12 to 18 months."

COVID-19 Blog Series week 5 Herring Septic

Week 4 - Healthy, Leadership, Toilet Paper

"Every week has brought a new set of tasks. From comforting our employees, to managing our workforce, to applying for emergency funds. Are we doing the right thing?"

COVID-19 Blog Series from Herring Septic Week 4

Week 3 - Clogged, Boredom, Assistance

"As the world clings to TV and Netflix and we start to hear complaints about how bored everyone is. I I’m happy Herring Sanitation and its workers are essential and still have a job to come to."

COVID-19 Blog Series Week 3 Herring Sanitation

Week 2 - Lines, Distance, Unknowns

"Essential - That word alone exhausts me. It has been a long week. Septic problems and back ups. Shopping for toilet paper for the portable toilet business has become our new sideline business."

COVID-19 Blog Series Week 2 Herring Septic

Week 1 - Essential, Take Out, Emergencies

"As we entered this incredible time and knew we would be on the Essential list, I looked around my office to see who I could tell to stay home. The answer was - No one!"

COVID-19 Week 1 Herring Septic Blog Series

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